Typography Posters Inspired by Architectures

For this project, I explored the possibilities of obtaining the aesthetic and originality of existing architectures in a design form, in this case, posters. 
I started off by choosing the architectures I was interested in. And then I sketched out different design options that contain certain aspects of those buildings.. Finally, I created 18 by 24 posters using mainly Indesign and Illustrator. 

The main objective of this project was to find that fine line between abstraction and realism in depiction. I came up with words that described each building I chose and created designs based on them. The posters must have contained the notable aspects of the buildings, but not the literal depictions of them. 

Inspired by Capsule Tower in Tokyo, Japan
"Futuristic, Three-dimensional, Dynamic, Repetitive, Sharp-edged, Containment"
Inspired by Wilkinson Residence in Portland, Oregon
"Warm, Inviting, Earth, Nature, Space, Rounded"
Thank you!
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